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"Bongo Bongo, so we meet again," Impa spoke as the monstrous musician revealed itself.

"I remember you. You're the one that sealed me in the well. Impa was it? I hear you are a big hero in your village. This time you won't get so lucky," Bongo Bongo replied darkly, cackling with every word that thundered out of his mouth.
"Luck has nothing to do with this, Bongo," Impa smirked. She hadn't had this much fun in years.
"Then what does?" the drummer chuckled in amusement, starting to beat an ominous and sinister rhythm.
"Pure skill," Impa remarked bouncing to the pulse Bongo Bongo was beating on his bongo. She always thought his name was so original.
"Then we both know exactly how this is going to turn out," the enormous monster replied banging on the drum harder in anger.

"Perhaps, but I've learned not to underestimate." Impa smiled thinking of the Kokiri child who had made it so far. He disappeared for seven years and no one has seen him until recently. What could have happened to him? Some rumors that reached Kakariko said the boy was seen in Death Mountain or Zora's Domain. Zelda believed he was still out there, sometimes Impa thought she just wanted to believe the rumors were true. But after all these years, Impa has come to trust Zelda with her life.

These were dreary times and everything seemed hopeless, until Zelda managed to bring up the leader's spirits. She would speak of the days when the two would watch the white clouds when Zelda was younger. She always managed to stay strong in the worst of times. Even during the tough physical Sheikah training, she demanded to keep going with no special treatment from Impa. She worked and pushed herself harder than any real Sheikah in her class did. She had to come back after this, for Zelda. Just as her eyes started to water, Impa scolded herself and wiped her eyes. She looked up at Bongo Bongo, staring at his glowing, red eye with the same expression as she did once before; though something else filled where vengeance once was.

"You've gone soft Impa. I don't think I've ever seen a Sheikah ever cry before, let alone the Royal Shadow. Though I do recall that one Sheikah boy pleading for mercy right before I killed him," Bongo Bongo taunted, surprised to see the great Impa show any sign of emotion.

"That's impossible. No one worthy of having the title of a Sheikah would ever die so dishonorably and immorally," Impa stated, obviously confused where the monster looming around her was going at.

"What was his name again? Adlez?" Bongo Bongo asked gliding around in circles around his victim. Impa's eyes ever so slightly enlarged in shock and realization, but they quickly shrunk back as Impa calmed herself.

"It won't work on me this time, Bongo," Impa replied meditating to keep herself calm at all costs.

"And why not?" Bongo Bongo grunted, shocked that his brilliant plan that had worked so many years ago failed. Impa had somehow maintained her temper.

"You learn a thing or two raising a child," Impa answered collectively.

"Ah yes, the girl Gannon was looking for. He'd be pleased to know she's been right under his nose this whole time. What's her name now, Sheik?" he questioned mockingly.

"Whatever are you talking about? Sheik is my apprentice and one of the last living male Sheikah, emphasis on male," Impa replied coolly, keeping her gaze on the wall in front of her.

"Don't toy with me! I know the truth about your 'Sheik' and I understand that his Majesty would pay a hefty amount to know as well," Bongo Bongo roared. Impa knew that if he had a face, he would be smiling ear to ear.

"One: If you touch one hair on her head I'll do more then just beat you senseless. Two: the king is dead, has been for 7 years; unless you are talking about that traitor Gannon. Gannon is more of a dictator of Hyrule, NOT king," Impa replied behind gritted teeth spitting in disgust on the great bongo she stood on. While he was distracted, she craftily clutched onto the two daggers wrapped around her hip and skillfully hid them behind her back.

"You dare defy the king?" Bongo Bongo questioned. Impa wondered why he didn't sound enraged; in fact, he sounded more pleased than anything.

"Gannon is no king of mine," she declared, still in rage and growing more and more agitated, disgusted even, with each word the monster uttered.

"Who is this Zelda character? I hear her beauty is like no other and she is brighter than the sun itself," Bongo Bongo teased.

"Oh, she's much more than that," Impa replied tightening her grip on the hidden daggers.

"Please tell me more. I want to know everything I can about my victims-" Bongo Bongo was happily interrupted by the sound of Impa's warrior cry as she ran towards him in rage; her eyes filled with anger and hatred.

"You see Impa, I know everything about you. In a way, I know you better than you know yourself," Bongo Bongo tormented, spinning himself 180 degrees around the drum before she could reach him.

"I'm tired of your games! Come out and fight!" Impa screamed. A voice in her head was telling her to kill him right there and then.

"I know your weakness, Impa. It wasn't hard to figure out," Bongo Bongo said spinning around Impa's environment wildly.

"I have no weakness!" Impa shouted, getting dizzy as her eyes followed the floating body of the monster circling around her like a vulture.

"Oh, but you do. You seem very close to this Zelda. You may not to know it but your Achilles heel is what you call love," he explained wickedly.

"Dammit, not again!" Calm yourself Impa. He's just playing you like a harp. Taking a deep breath in, Impa swiftly sat down on the steady drum. Keeping as calm as she could, she closed her burning red eyes shut. Feeling the vibration of the drum, Impa could feel every movement. When she felt the drum ease slightly on her right, she readied herself for the first blow.

After time slowly ticked, she finally felt a light breeze come from behind her. Reacting as quickly as she could, Impa rose from where she sat and faced the direction of the breeze she felt, putting her hands in front of her. A split second after she had stood up, Bongo Bongo's left hand hit her hands. The pain was unlike anything Impa had ever felt before, but she was still standing. Bongo Bongo on the other hand, had let out a small howl in pain. Numbly raising his hand to eye level, he noticed a dagger in the dead center of his hand. As Impa had hoped, Bongo Bongo's left hand was immobilized at his side.

Growing impatient, he tried to crush Impa with the palm of his right hand but she was ready. A couple seconds before he hit the drum, Impa slid under his hand. While she was gliding under, she ran her dagger through the remaining hand, penetrating to the bone. A millisecond before Bongo Bongo hit the drum, Impa arrived on the other side untouched. Jumping up to her feet, Impa flung the blood soaked dagger dead center on the red 'eye' on the top of Bongo Bongo's neck.

Ignoring his cries of agony, Impa reached for more knives; but to her dismay, there were none. She knew she would have to get the daggers back, Bongo Bongo wouldn't go down that easily. Looking around, she found one was still lodged in his left hand. Regaining mobility of his hands, Bongo Bongo rushed his left hand towards Impa. Suddenly, Impa realized that the hand with the open wound came flying towards her as well. Before she could figure out what to do, Impa's body surged with unbelievable pain from her left side. After Bongo Bongo released his hands, Impa felt her side and with agony, she noticed some of the bones on her left rib cage had been dislocated and broken.

Spitting out the blood collecting in her lungs, Impa ran towards Bongo Bongo's left hand. Just as she had hoped, his hand raced at her. Turning her head to face the other hand, Impa took extra precaution that he was only using his left hand. Facing Bongo Bongo's left hand, she noticed that it was the back of his hand that was accelerating towards her. Breathing out deeply, time started to decelerate, making it easier for Impa to concentrate. As Bongo Bongo' hand arrived, Impa began running up the back of it. Heart pounding against her broken side, Impa quickly scaled the hand and upon reaching the top, she slid down his palm and jerked the dagger out as she reached it. Time accelerating back to normal, Impa looked at the dagger in her hand with accomplishment and satisfaction. Growling in anger, Bongo Bongo finally pulled the other dagger out of the stub at the top of his neck and chucked it at the wall behind him.

Clearly having enough, Bongo Bongo charged at Impa with amazing speed. Impa, still paying attention to the dagger on the wall, didn't notice the large body behind her. As he hit her, the force was so strong it knocked Impa of her feet and sent her flying to the wall she was facing. Hitting the wall, Impa saw the dagger and decided this was her chance. Thrusting the other dagger into the wall to keep her on the wall, Impa made her way to the dagger. Looking behind her, Impa caught a glimpse of Bongo Bongo gaining on her. Reaching for the dagger, her sweaty hand slipped off the dagger she was holding onto. Quickly getting ahold of both daggers, she slightly pulled the daggers out of the wall so she could slide down. But just as she thought she was safe, Bongo Bongo charged at her once again. Acknowledging he was coming from her left side, she knew she had to jump. Pulling the knives all the way out of the wall, Impa fell down the many stories she had left to scale.

Bracing herself for the harsh landing, Impa brutally landed on her feet. Flinching in pain, Impa looked around for the enemy. Suddenly having lack of air, Impa noted the she wasn't breathing normal air. Being shrouded in purple gas, Impa recognized it right away. Her people called it poison gas, and she knew she had to get out of it as soon as possible. Holding her breath, Impa rushed ahead to find the place she once was. As she reached the bongo, she climbed up it and was finally safe from the poison. Harshly gasping for air, Impa's vision started to blur. Everything around her suddenly became foggy, and Impa knew she had breathed in too much of the gas.

Flipping the daggers in her hands, she closed her eyes. After all, what use was her vision to her anymore. Impa knew it was better than having a false vision. Feeling the weakness slowly swallow her, Impa carefully listened for Bongo Bongo.  She didn't have much time left, so if she was going to do this, she had to do this right. Finally hearing his loud humming come nearer, she faced the direction it was the loudest and ran ahead. Daggers in hand, she reached Bongo Bongo and managed to stab the top of his neck with both of her daggers. Feeling the breeze in her hair grow in speed, Impa automatically intensified her grip. Knowing Bongo Bongo was trying to shake her off, she held on as much as she could, but it wasn't enough. Finally letting go, Impa felt immense pain in her back and then the rest of her body. Thinking she hurt her spinal cord, Impa tried to stand up only to realize she was in the air and the pain wasn't over yet.

Finally feeling the pain she expected, Impa's left rib cage gave way again, this time with even greater pain. Hearing a loud snap, she guessed she had landed on her side. Sluggishly raising to her feet, Impa put her hand over her broken ribs. This time, all of them were broken into different pieces. Coughing up enormous amounts of blood, Impa opened her eyes to find her vision had healed enough to use them once again. Seeing no sign of Bongo Bongo, Impa snapped her head in different directions trying to find him. Eventually looking above her, she was mesmerized to see all of Bongo Bongo floating above her. Trying to get away, Impa limped towards the edge of the drum but to no prevail. Impa could feel Bongo Bongo's fist crush her bones, and there was no way out of the excruciating pain. She tried to stab his hand, but being in it, she had no idea how high up she was; not that she could move in the first place. Being immobilized, she writhed around hopelessly trying to get lose. When the fist finally opened, Impa shook uncontrollably in the open hand's palm. Looking up, she observed she was eye to eye with Bongo Bongo himself who was deeply laughing at Impa's pain and struggle.

"Any last words?" Bongo Bongo asked darkly.

"This isn't over, Bongo. There's still another. He's, destined, to..." Impa answered weakly.

"Oh, yes... one... freed... seal... hero..." Impa knew there was more, but she didn't care. Accepting her end, she closed her eyes, and when Bongo Bongo dropped her to her doom, Impa made one last request to the Goddesses. I wish for Zelda to be safe from all harm. I wish for a chance to... Before she had time to finish, she hit the bongo, her limp body bouncing on the drum.
Alright, here it is! I am so excited for this! :iconeagerlinkplz:

My first serious fanfiction I've ever written. Tell me what you guys think!

I swore :iconpervyfiplz:

Thank :iconmickeystalker: for me. She drew the fantastic cover art and did an amazing job.

Characters and almost everything else belongs to Nintendo. Story belongs to me.
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soccergirl676 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This was so well written! You really have a strength for description!
Sweet-something Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you so much! There actually wasn't as much as I usually put in because I wanted to focus more on the fighting.
DCwarriorfan Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I have no idea who the characters are, but I thought it was very well written!!
Sweet-something Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! :iconbatglompplz::iconpervysoraplz: As I said, this is my first serious fanfiction and my first action scene so..... yeah :iconpikachu--plz:
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